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2. Design Considerations

All design considerations were handled in Binder Release Phase 1.

2.1 Assumptions

Metrics and TaskView reports will be handled in the workflow reporting project.

2.2 Constraints

None that we are aware of.

2.3 System Environment

The Binder Request Workflow process resides in the PCMS system which is a VB.NET application that resides on the client’s machine that has an XP operating system. PCMS is the banking practice’s global desktop that will be available to all banking practice associates. The database used to store the data will be SQL Server. Teamplate will be used as the Third Party Workflow product..

2.4 Design Methodology

(Optional) - Summarize the approach that will be used to create and evolve the designs for this system. Cover any processes, conventions, policies, techniques or other issues which will guide design work.

2.5 Risks and Volatile Areas

None have been identified.