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3. Architecture

The architecture provides the top level design view of a system and provides a basis for more detailed design work Provide or reference a detailed description and diagrams of the architecture..

3.1 Overview

This section provides a high level overview of the structural and functional decomposition of the system. Focus on how and why the system was decomposed in a particular way rather than on details of the particular components. Include information on the major responsibilities and roles the system (or portions) must play.

3.2 Subsystem, Component, or Module 1 …N

You only need to provide this level of detail for elements which are custom for this design. Do not go into gory detail. Goal is to get 80% of the elements figured out ahead of time.

Describe an element (subsystem, component, module, etc.) from architecture in further detail. When appropriate, include information on how the element is further broken down and the interactions and relationships between these subcomponents.

3.3 Strategy 1…N

Describe the strategy used or decision made. Include information on the alternatives considered and the reasons for their rejection.